Human Services

Balanced Budget & Financial Success Programs

A Balanced Budget

A Balanced Budget: Budget Assessment, Guidance, and Financial Assistance 

Our Human Services Coordinator and Assistant will guide applicants through budgeting processes, including increasing income with employment or government supports programs as well as cost reduction techniques and tips, while focusing on long-term financial sustainability. Financial assistance is open to those who are able to make a commitment to long-term changes that will lead to gaining financial literacy, seeking improved employment, and achieving goals for their families and futures.

Interested in making a change? Call us to schedule classes, cohort learning groups, or interactive sessions for your workplace, apartment complex, or small group at 765-644-2121.

Balanced Budget Programs include:

  • Needs Assessment and Customized Sustainability Plans, including Referrals
  • Budgeting Assistance & Financial Literacy Tools
  • Limited Financial Assistance Intervention for Qualified Program Graduates